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The Advantages Of Online Biker Dating

The Advantages Of Online Biker Dating

Online dating is something that has really started to become extremely popular as of late, especially with motorcycle riders and those who are equally as passionate about riding them. They enjoy using the world of online dating as a way to connect with like-minded people rather than resorting to more conventional dating methods. Simply put, online dating has more advantages that conventional dating doesn't, which include the following.

More Options to Explore
With online biker dating websites, you will be able to connect with virtually hundreds of thousands of singles. If you were to resort to more traditional methods, chances are you would only be able to connect with about a few hundred at a local biker event. Additionally, you can easily communicate with other singles that live in other cities and even in other countries, meaning that there truly is an endless scope of possibilities in terms of finding the perfect match for you, and all you have to do is find the right website and take the right approach that works well for you.

You Won't Have to Compromise

Since many online dating websites contain all sorts of advanced search options, it's become much easier to find someone who matches what you're looking for in terms of preferences and tastes. For example, if you're looking for someone who's willing to relocate to where you live, that's something that you can specify using the advanced search option of the dating website. This is one of the major advantages of online dating that you can utilize that traditional dating never truly offers.

Check Out Detailed Profiles of Other Users

Whenever you register to join any kind of online biker dating website, you will be able to gain instant access to many detailed user profiles and assess whether or not they are anywhere near a perfect match for you. Furthermore, you can compose a comprehensive profile to help convey all of your expectations regarding a potential relationship with another person. It may be difficult at first to determine your overall compatibility with someone else, but thanks to online dating websites, this problem is sure to be easily addressed.

Easily Communicate Without Sharing Personal Information

It's now extremely easy to communicate with other online dating website users without actually having to share any of your personal and private information with them, such as your home address or phone number. Many of these websites contain features like live chat, forums, and more for you to take advantage of in terms of communicating with other users. This means that you won't have to use any other kind of platform to talk to them.

Thanks to these facts, the main conclusion is that online biker dating websites are truly better than more conventional dating methods. Not only can these kinds of websites really help you save money in the long run, but they can also help you save time that would have otherwise been wasted in dating individuals who are either random or incompatible with the specific preferences and tastes that you're looking for. 

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Bikers And Huggers Review

Bikers And Huggers Review


Bikers and Huggers is an online black biker dating site for motorcycle riders and lovers. Are you a single biker looking for a date, hook ups, a relationship or someone to hang out with? If you are an interested male or female biker, Bikers and Huggers is the place to be. It’s a warm welcoming site for all who are bikers at heart.

Bikers and Huggers was founded in October, 2012. It is the number one urban biking dating site on the internet. They’re based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It is a site where both biker guys and chicks who share a biking passion meet. The aim of Bikers and Huggers is to conjoin single bikers, both male and female, so that they can share their passion, life, dating and love together.

When you join the site, which is 100% free to join, create a profile about yourself. You can then upload your pictures. What proceeds next is patching up with a potential biker match who may be around your state. You then meet up during one of those biking events such as Black Bike Week and Black Beach Week or other events created by the dating community. The members have the freedom to chat or create and share biking events in the Bikers and Huggers community.

Harley Dating site is similar to Bikers and Huggers dating site but for Harley men and ladies bike riders. The site has brought together many Harley bikers and they have become good friends. They go bike riding on weekends when the skies are bright and sunny. Some members have met, dated and even gotten married. The site has dedicated itself in providing Harley riders the best opportunities to meet, date and even marry with Harley singles who share the passion of riding. Are you a black looking for such an experience and even more? Bikers and Huggers is that site for you.

Bikers and Huggers has collaborated with the Black Bike Week and Black Beach Week. This are bikers’ events which are held in different states in the US. The goal of the events is to match like-minded single males and females who are passionate about biking and quiver with excitement during the breathtaking moments of riding. During the events the bikers meet and they have a great time together. Bikers and Huggers site is meant to bring together many of the members who attend Black Bike Week and Black Beach week events. This is so that the different members get to know each other and date.

Are you a Pocahontas local, a passionate biker and looking for someone to share with your passion? Well biker dating sites near you are the new solution. Search no more. The sites provides you with features that make searching for your perfect match easy to find and you get the match of your choice. Being a biker at heart, soul and mind is something unique and special. This shows that you are wild and free. You are a motorcycle rider and lover with every inch of you. Biker dating is a great way of meeting your fellow passionate bikers and have a good time together, know each other outside and within the biking circles and date.

Bikers and Huggers being a member of black events network, it specializes in delivering the biking population to the Urban Biker Community. In the dating scene, you will find it a lot easier because the people you meet are alike to you in mind and at heart. Go out there and meet your fellow bikers and get to know them not only in a biking relationship but also in a personal one. Being an easy site to navigate, single bikers will easily meet, chat online and go for bike riding events and have an amazing time.

Despite being a dating site where potential bikers meet and get along well, it is also a great place for those who share the biking passion to meet and enjoy what they love. Bikers and Huggers site receives approximately 700+ visitors monthly. If you are a hot biker, Bikers and Huggers is the black dating site that you have been looking for. Upcoming is the “Thunder in the Valley” event hosted in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. If you are a biker who is passionate of biking and enjoy the events, don’t miss out on 23rd of June this year. 

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Single Harley Davidson Riders Dating Tips

The Harley Davidson Dating Site is a very big and highly trusted dating and it is open to all bikers who find Harley dating intriguing. On this platform, single Harley riders are able to freely view other people’s profiles and update their own.

It is the dream of almost single manto naturally attract women to himself. Sometimes chasing after a woman can be very frustrating. Here are some tips to draw and maintain attention of women:

Mind your physique and looks. Hitting the gym to get those abs and nice body that every woman can die for. Also, get yourself some nice clothes as this is a major plus. After all, who doesn’t like someone who looks maintained and neat?

Have a couple of females with you during social occasions, be it your sisters, cousins or friends. It has been proven that a lady is drawn to a man who is free around females. This gives him an element of being social. Women tend to approach such men.

Have the ability to make a woman laugh. There is something about funny and jolly men that women find very sexy. Always strive to make her feel like a lady when with her and no doubt she will fall for you.

Don’t mind other people’s opinions that online dating is a taboo. We are living in a new era and as long as you are well aware about online dating, feel free to try it out.

Have you tried Harley biker speed dating? If not, what are you waiting for? This is a fun way to potentially meet your perfect match.
It is also a good idea to join the singles groups from around as this increases your chances of meeting someone that you like.
Always keep in mind that it is not always that you will find the match you are looking for immediately. It is therefore important to exercise patience when it comes to online dating.
Harley men are honest and independent guys and any woman dating then is undoubtedly a lucky one. As a woman dating a Harley man, learning their lifestyle is very essential if at all your relationship is to last long. Some tips for these women are:
Harley bikers are reputed of getting easily attracted to other girls other than their girlfriends. Try your best not to get jealous and always remember that it is your confidence in yourself and in your relationship that will help you keep his heart.

As much as you value the relationship, always have clearly set boundaries about how far you can go as far as pleasing your boyfriend is concerned. Sometimes you can only go too far in trying to keep a relationship. Do not let yourself drown in the process.
Get to know other bikers in your boyfriend’s club and also make new friends with other bikers girlfriends
Learn how to efficiently ride a Harley bike and stay in the know of the various motorcycle brands. Essentially, know all there is to know about the Harley biker’s lifestyle.


Harley-Davidson’s Impressive Line Up Just Got Better

Harley-Davidson’s Impressive Line Up Just Got Better

Everyone has heard of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The name is iconic not only in the industry but in American culture in general. Not only that, the image of a roaring, throbbing Harley is firmly established throughout most of the world as an image of raw American power. The new 2016 Softail Slim S more than lives up to that image.

The first thing one notices about the Softail Slim S is it’s impressive lines. This is not a delicate racing bike or a full bodied cruiser. It will never be as comfortable as a BMW K 1600 GTL, nor will it ever have the power of a Vyrus but what it does have is a classic simplicity to its design that recalls a earlier time, if an earlier time had better designers.

At just over seven and a half feet long the Softail Slim S seems like so much more. It’s not how the bike feels, but how it looks. The design is imposing, it’s impressive, it screams of power and strength and when seen pulled up at the curb the bike doesn’t so much look like it’s sitting as it looks like it’s waiting.

The Softail Slim S has a presence about it. It draws the eye from the front wheel, through the tank and motor, and down along the black dual exhausts. Everything about it’s design is aggressive. Approach one of these lean bikes from any angle and it doesn’t seem like a bike. Rather, it begins to feel like one is trying to sneak up on a predatory cat, all teeth and violence. It is an amazing experience. And then the ride.

From the first twist of the throttle and the jump off the line as the engine transfers 100 puns feet of torque the bike is a dream to ride. It’s comfortable, too. Surprisingly comfortable, actually. While it may never win any awards for long distance travel the bike is much more comfortable than would normally be expected from something designed along similar lines and with similar power.

About that power, this is the lightest bike ever to have Harley’s twin cam Screaming Eagle. And that’s a fact the bike isn’t soon to let anyone forget. With a 0-60 time of 5 seconds and 81 brake horse power the bike can move. Move better, as it turns out, then several other popular Harley-Davidson models. Hopefully, this will see the introduction of the Screaming Eagle into more bikes as a stock feature.

There are, of course, a number of customizations available for the bike. Some are more useful than others. One added feature that is a necessity is the available saddle bags.

The bike is quick to respond to steering inputs and quick to accelerate which, at just over seven hundred pounds when fueled, is no mean feat. Other nice improvements over other Harley models include an improved gear box, gear shifts are easier to accomplish and lock into place faster and smoother. There’s no grinding or hesitation which is common on some other models. These improvements in the gear box, which is a six speed, make for a much more enjoyable ride. When riding this bike the rider almost forgets that he’s not on a superbike. From the moment one triggers the ignition all the way till the end of the ride hours later the rider forgets just how long he’s been riding. The hours and the miles fall away beneath the wheels.

Currently, the Softail Slim S is offered in black or in Olive Gold Denim. The olive gold variant sports a traditionally styled US army star on the tank and, if anything, is even more fun to ride. Sitting on the olive gold bike is eerily reminiscent of Steve McQueen racing for Switzerland at the end of The Great Escape.

The true power of this bike is exactly that. Yes, its powerful, yes it looks good, and yes, it’s even comfortable but the true force behind it, the true spark that catches the eye and holds even the most cold hearted passerby in a momentary flare of beauty is the idea of history behind it. This isn’t some speed demon built on a skeleton, it’s not a carbon fiber super bike, it won’t ever be seen on the racing circuit or in the winner’s circle. But none of that matters.

The bike looks like a bike should look. Not in any technical sense, not in a sense where the eyes of someone who doesn’t ride glaze over with boredom as specifics are explained. No, what makes everything work so well with the Softail Slim S is that it looks the way a bike is expected to look.

There’s nothing heavy or plodding about it, it doesn’t resemble heavy cruisers or skeletal racers and with the popularity of three wheeled trikes growing every year this bike stands as hope for a better future.

This is what Steve McQueen’s bike in The Great Escape should have looked like. This is the bike James Dean should have been sitting on when that famous picture was taken. This, in other words, is the bike that everyone has always been waiting for without realizing it.

Certain bikes tend to stay in one’s mind over the years. Some become classics of function and design. This could be one of those bikes. One couldn’t imagine a full bodied touring bike looking anything but silly beside something like the Vincent Black Shadow. Yet, this bike looks like it would be great friends with the Shadow, the two of them sitting around swapping war time stories late into the evening.

That is what makes this bike so special. There’s something truly magical about it. There are other bikes that go faster, handle better, and are more comfortable to ride but none of them are as iconic as this one is. This bike captures the image of the American movie star, the daring rouge who does what he wants and looks good doing it. This is a true piece of art and for that is one of the best bikes on the market today.

Biker Planet Dating Review

Biker Planet Dating Review

Biker planet is among the top 5 dating sites for lonely bikers. It provides a wide range of locations to search for a perfect match with detailed profiles of possible suitors. According to a number of reviews by users, unlike a number of other sites, this site has genuine people, you actually meet people who are exactly what they say they are in their profile and the level of satisfaction with the matches is much higher than many other sites. Out of 10, it would score 8 for client satisfaction.
Getting started on involves filling in a detailed application which asks a number of fun, but also important questions which will help in getting the right match, for example giving information about your favorite 3 movies, your memories from High School, what your friends think of your and what you would consider fun besides biking. But since it is a biker dating site, there are a number of biking questions like where you would like to ride your bike, what you enjoy wearing while you ride, say leather or plain clothes as well as favorite biking event. Many of these questions also help the person searching understand themselves and know what exactly what they are looking for.
For some people though they may find that the sign-up process is a bit too long since they have to provide a paragraph describing themselves and answer some other questions before they are directed to the home page to fill out more profile information, what you are looking for, appearance and all that stuff. Overall though the detail helps in filtering the options down to more suitable matches which is probably why the website has a higher satisfaction score than many other websites.
Once the profile information is done then it is possible to see other members and send them messages, flirt or ask if they are interested in you. Basically, the fun begins.
Fun Features
Some of the fun features on bikerplanet include:
– Take a gamble, this is a sidebar that enables members flirt, or find out if a particular member is interested in them and send quick messages.
– The Completeness scale enables the member to see how much of their profile is complete, this is important on biker planet dating because a complete profile increases the chances of getting a match since other members can see much more about you.
– Rapid Match is a fun game that enables a member to determine if they think another member is hot enough for them to be interested.
– It is not just about dating, there are forums where bikers can just get together and discuss common interests as bikers.
Pros and Cons
+ This website offers one of the most detailed profiling in comparison to other bikers dating sites
+ Being a website for bikers, biker planet provides a nice niche that caters for a particular group of people
+ The people on the site are real and most are genuinely looking for dates, companionship and the like
– It has promotional ads for other biker sites
– Completing a profile takes long
All things considered, this is a great site for bikers and it is worth the time and effort spent filling in the profile information page. Most users gave it an 8 out of 10 score.

Biker Dating and the Distribution of Biker Singles

When many people think of biker singles, they are probably going to assume that the majority of them are men. According to the stereotype, motorcycles are associated with men. There are plenty of associated stereotypes about the women who are interested in motorcycle riding, and many of them revolve around these women supposedly being less feminine than many other women. Biker singles who want to succeed in this sort of dating should try to remove these stereotypes from their minds as quickly as possible, since any given biker single is just going to run into problems the more he or she internalizes these ideas while biker dating.

The biking subculture has a somewhat complicated attitude towards gay relationships in general. Motorcycle riding is an activity that is associated with gay women, for better or for worse. However, there is a great deal of machismo in the biking subculture, and machismo and gay rights have often had something of a contentious relationship. Dating sites in general tend to vary in terms of their embrace of gay couples, and biker dating sites are no exception. It is true that the biker subculture is out of the mainstream, and subcultures that deviate from the mainstream sometimes tend to be friendlier to stigmatized groups. However, as gay people become more accepted in today’s society, this pattern is going to become even more complicated.

Biker singles who are interested in straight relationships are going to have an easier time, which is symptomatic of a larger problem within online dating in general. Society is changing quickly, but not all aspects of society are moving forward in the same direction. Motorcycle dating is going to be a more friendly environment for queer people than some environments, but this is still not going to be a place in which they can let their guards down, and they will struggle when looking for biker dating sites.

The biker subculture is going to be at least somewhat more friendly to the women who are not traditionally feminine. A woman who is interested in motorcycles and the associated attire is going to be defying some gendered expectations by definition. However, some of the gendered expectations will still apply. The machismo in the biking subculture is going to select for women who are tomboys and men who are often hyper-masculine. This combination is not stereotypical, since hyper-masculine men often seek hyper-feminine women. The biker subculture can subvert gendered expectations in a very weird way, while conforming to them in ways that can seem predictable.

One way or another, people are better off being honest about their gender presentations and preferences on biker dating websites. It is better to seek the people that one wants in the first place. Eliminating the people who aren’t going to be suitable right off the bat is ultimately a good strategy, even if it means reducing one’s potential options. There are plenty of biker singles who are tolerant of a wide range of sexual preferences and sexual presentations, even in spite of the odd way that this manifests itself in the subculture.

Single Motorcycle Women Dating Sites

Single Biker Women and Single Motorcycle Men  Dating Site

In dating and relationships, sharing common interests is key in helping develop a stronger bond. Online biker dating sites have grown popular with time since it provides a special platform where single bikers can meet their soulmates. This is because the users online profile gives all information that one may shy from asking in real life and one may come across some striking personal attributes hence saving lots of time and effort.
Dating a fellow biker has several advantages and these include:
l Both of you share common interests.
l Both of you understand the same biking language.
l It gives you the opportunity to ride as a pillion, which is an amazing experience of a lifetime.
As single biker women, finding someone who understands and shares your biker lifestyle and has a similar passion for motorcycles is the best thing that can happen in your dating life. To suit your dating needs, we have created a list of the top dating sites, where yo can meet new friends and spark a romantic relationship. It does not matter which motorcycle you ride, the basic thing is that you all have an interest in biking. Our pleasure is in sharing the biggest and best biker dating websites around, and this greatly saves you the time, energy and effort used in looking for someone who shares your tastes.
Some of these major biker dating sites include:

  1. BikerKiss
This one is among the top sites for biker dating because they offer special services for the bikers other than just dating. It helps in bringing thousands of motorcyclist together online and it has more than 512000 registered users. It helps single bikers to establish friendship and has proven to be the most effective biker dating site.

  1. BikerPlanet
This is a biker dating site that is dedicated to providing services to people with an interest in biker lifestyle and it provides them with dating tips and advice. It also makes it easy for single biker women to mean with single men with similar ambition and who understands their living habits.It gives a option of making a ‘habit-based search’ hence making it easy to find the right match. It has numerous customized features including user photo album and it offers free trial membership to new members.
3.  HarleyDating Site
This is a leading Harley Davidson site and gives customized services for Harley riders only. It also provides a platform to allow users to share on their riding culture and experiences. The site is easy to nagigate and has a simple layout. This site receives numerous positive reviews daily.
  1. MeetLocalBikers
This site enables single biker women to meet other single local biker men. They use words like ‘biker dating’ and ‘biker singles for marketing hence increasing their popularity on search engines. Also, the homepage has a photo of a sexy biker girl hence prompting the male users to place a profile, hence the site has a huge database of registered users. This increases the chances of meeting a suitable partner.
  1. Christian Bikers Dating Site
This site was launched in 2006 to cater for the christian bikers’ special lifestyle, whereby they love the Lord and motorcycle riding. This compatibility might be very hard to achieve but this site has come in handy. It is very easy to create a user profile and to upload photos. The site has connected more than 200,000 bikers who are christians.
  1. Single Biker Women
This biker dating site has been customized to allow for single biker women to meet local single biker men. It was launched in 2001 and it is easy and safe to hook up with single biker girls. In other dating sites, looks really come to play in finding a partner for the men since the ratio of men to women is usually 10:1. The advantage of is that its women to men ratio is 1:1. This makes finding a quality biker woman easy, in just some weeks.
7.Biker Passions
This is a 100% free to join biker dating site which forms a social platform for meeting motorcycle riders. Some of its unique features include chat rooms an forums and instant messaging
It is our hope that you eventually meet your very longed for soulmate. All the best!