Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Biker Planet Dating Review

Biker Planet Dating Review

Biker planet is among the top 5 dating sites for lonely bikers. It provides a wide range of locations to search for a perfect match with detailed profiles of possible suitors. According to a number of reviews by users, unlike a number of other sites, this site has genuine people, you actually meet people who are exactly what they say they are in their profile and the level of satisfaction with the matches is much higher than many other sites. Out of 10, it would score 8 for client satisfaction.
Getting started on bikerplanet.com involves filling in a detailed application which asks a number of fun, but also important questions which will help in getting the right match, for example giving information about your favorite 3 movies, your memories from High School, what your friends think of your and what you would consider fun besides biking. But since it is a biker dating site, there are a number of biking questions like where you would like to ride your bike, what you enjoy wearing while you ride, say leather or plain clothes as well as favorite biking event. Many of these questions also help the person searching understand themselves and know what exactly what they are looking for.
For some people though they may find that the sign-up process is a bit too long since they have to provide a paragraph describing themselves and answer some other questions before they are directed to the home page to fill out more profile information, what you are looking for, appearance and all that stuff. Overall though the detail helps in filtering the options down to more suitable matches which is probably why the website has a higher satisfaction score than many other websites.
Once the profile information is done then it is possible to see other members and send them messages, flirt or ask if they are interested in you. Basically, the fun begins.
Fun Features
Some of the fun features on bikerplanet include:
– Take a gamble, this is a sidebar that enables members flirt, or find out if a particular member is interested in them and send quick messages.
– The Completeness scale enables the member to see how much of their profile is complete, this is important on biker planet dating because a complete profile increases the chances of getting a match since other members can see much more about you.
– Rapid Match is a fun game that enables a member to determine if they think another member is hot enough for them to be interested.
– It is not just about dating, there are forums where bikers can just get together and discuss common interests as bikers.
Pros and Cons
+ This website offers one of the most detailed profiling in comparison to other bikers dating sites
+ Being a website for bikers, biker planet provides a nice niche that caters for a particular group of people
+ The people on the site are real and most are genuinely looking for dates, companionship and the like
– It has promotional ads for other biker sites
– Completing a profile takes long
All things considered, this is a great site for bikers and it is worth the time and effort spent filling in the profile information page. Most users gave it an 8 out of 10 score.

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